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We work to challenge the costs of services to us – we have established a range of agreements to meet HR needs

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We achieve highly competitive prices for services  – we procure centrally, in the way that the public sector would expect, following the latest EU regulations and guidelines to establish contracts that you can benefit from.

The central VineHR team can advise what is available and how you can benefit – once we understand your requirements we can create bespoke packages of support through our flexible offering:

Preferential rates:

Access to a set of keenly negotiated HR contracts is offered to ensure you benefit from reduced costs for areas like training, employment law updates, recruitment costs, outplacement services and companies offering online HR resources and tools. We procure centrally and negotiate on behalf of members to challenge external suppliers and achieve the best possible rates for our members

Recruitment Services

– a range of companies have been procured to offer a menu of recruitment services at preferential rates, which can be tailored for your needs.

From advice on role requirements, the optimum way of advertising your role / approaching the market, through to specialist search, managing the applicant process, skills testing and psychometric analysis, through to talent management, support for career transition and outplacement services.

This range of services will meet your recruitment support needs.

Legal Training and Updates

– a range of employment law specialists, and law trainers have been procured to offer a menu of services at preferential rates, which can be tailored to suit your needs.

From advice on key legislation, adapting HR policies to ensure legal compliance, through to a range of training options, case study analysis and bespoke advice and support for employment matters

Access to the specialists in this framework will ensure your risks will be identified and managed.

HR Specialist Support

We have established a team of Professional Associates who are experienced across a variety of HR specialist areas and demonstrate their value to your organisation from day one – see detailed information under HR Services

Our specialists are HR qualified and have vast experience of guiding HR at senior levels, driving organisational change and supporting employees along the way.

Employee Engagement

Specialists can work with you to ensure you can understand and tap into your employee’s discretionary effort.

Employee engagement is a vital component in great organisational performance – all the research evidences that a workforce which is highly engaged is one that delivers excellent customer service. There is no one agreed definition which succinctly articulates it, the descriptions vary from one professional body to different theorists but we would describe it as quite simply an employee who not just turns up but really turns on to do their job in an environment that enables people to be the very best they can be.

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