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HR Services

VineHR can provide appropriately qualified associates to support key areas of HR work that will ensure you do not have to struggle or find your own way. Our Associates are recruited especially for their expertise in dealing with

HR ServicesInvestigations

– our Associates have extensive experience of managing investigation requirements from an initial brief through to completion and recommendations stages.


– we recognise that no matter how good you are at supporting your employees, occasionally issues may arise that if you need to demonstrate that you have shown independence in considering a grievance issue, our Associates have a thorough understanding of the issues and risks of not managing.

Employee Engagement

Specialists can work with you to ensure you can understand and tap into your employee’s discretionary effort. Employee engagement is a vital component in great organisational performance – all the research evidences that a workforce which is highly engaged is one that delivers excellent customer service. There is no one agreed definition which succinctly articulates it, the descriptions vary from one professional body to different theorists but we would describe it as quite simply an employee who not just turns up but really turns on to do their job in an environment that enables people to be the very best they can be.

Coaching and mentoring

Managing conflict

Contracts of Employment

Advice and guidance on HR case work

HR Policy Development

Organisational reviews and restructures

Change management projects

HR strategies

Workforce development


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Maldon District Council

‘Maldon DC had a large project to update their HR Policy Framework. VineHR was able to provide us with dedicated time and expertise to complete this work in a relatively short time period.

We now have a suite of HR polices, with management toolkits, which are easy and clear to read and legally compliant.

This progress has also enabled us to work with VineHR to assist in the development and delivery of management workshops to ensure that managers understand and can approach people management issues confidently and will know how and when to act.’

Dawn Moyse Strategic HR Manager