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Development Programmes

Comprehensive learning and development programmes for managers and employees – flexible packages to suit your needs

Evolution Management Programmes

We can support you to bring consistent high quality training to your employees – relevant development that they are able to take back to their workplace

Delegates work and develop alongside colleagues from different organisations which adds a richness to their learning, where they take back challenges to their workplace and try different ways of working and thinking.

Please see below for more information on our training programmes and workshops.

leading 21st century

Management development programme Leading in the 21st Century is a new bespoke programme specifically designed around the key roles outlined in the 21st Century Public Servant model.

What’s new about this programme?

This cross-authority programme is comprised of 4 modules (below) all designed around the skills and behaviours associated with the 8 identified roles of the 21st Century Public Servant. It has no specific start and finish date but instead allows participants to sign up to just the modules required for their specific development needs.

Module Title Role(s) – The Golden Thread Skills Delivery Dates 2021 Cost per session Modular Cost
1 The Engaging Leader • Resource Weaver
• Storyteller
• Municipal Entrepreneur
Change Management
2 x 3-hour sessions ~ 09:30 - 13:00 26 Jan & 9 Feb £125.00 £250pp
2 The Dynamic Leader • Networker
• Resource Weaver
2 x 3-hour sessions ~ 09:30 - 13:00 24 Feb & 11 Mar £140.00 £280pp
3 The Strategic Leader • Broker
• Commissioner
• Municipal Entrepreneur
• Networker
Compliance/ governance
2 x 3-hour sessions ~ 09:30 - 13:00) 23 Mar & 7 Apr £140.00 £280pp
4 The Innovative Leader • Navigator
• System Architect
Risk Management
1 x 3-hour session ~ 09:30 - 13:00 20 Apr £125.00 £125pp

What’s in this for you?  

The programme is designed to encourage practical application of the course content, also promoting cross functional thinking. Every module will give you the opportunity to meet managers from neighbouring authorities, building a network of contacts and offering you the chance to look outside for expertise and ideas. 

The interactive workshops are all on line and will help give you the support you need to manage remotely, whilst providing some of the missing social interaction enjoyed in the office. 

For a full outline of the course objectives please click here designed to give you the flexibility to attend just one module, or all modules in order to complete the whole programme. 

To complete an assessment survey click here this will help you learn more about which of the 21st Century Manager role’s you naturally identify with, designed to help you decide which modules of the programme to attend.

To secure your booking please contact further dates will be added on a rolling basis, please be advised those modules with two sessions must both be attended.

The Springboard Women’s Development Virtual Programme (via Zoom)

Participants must attend all eight half day workshops.

  • Tuesday 27th & Wednesday 28th April 2021
  • Tuesday 25th & Wednesday 26th May 2021
  • Tuesday 22nd & Wednesday 23rd June 2021
  • Tuesday 20th & Wednesday 21st July 2021

Price:  Member: £299+vat Non-member: £350+vat

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We can design masterclasses/programmes to suit specific member requirements please contact us to discuss

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