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We can offer you a full range of people management policies, plans and strategies. Whatever your human resources questions or situations are, we will have the answer.

What we stand for

Value - We work together to improve standards across our authorities, such as joined up Management Development programmes and shared e-learning courses, offering significant value to our customers. The suite of shared policies encompasses every element of people management and is constantly evolving so there is up-to-the minute guidance on every facet of personnel management from straightforward recruitment advice through to identifying and developing the next generation of leaders.

Innovation – The central philosophy of VineHR is to continuously innovate in the area of people strategy, management policy and practice, and deliver lasting improvements throughout Essex, the Eastern region, and eventually, the United Kingdom

Networking - We provide a model of working which authorities can tailor for their own requirements. Collaboration – The Directors of VineHR work together to identify our joint requirements and how we are going to address them. It takes real skill to collaborate on this scale successfully.

Efficiency – Our mantra is to reduce unnecessary duplication, and to challenge third party suppliers for the best deals by cooperating in joint procurement exercises which deliver the best value for our member authorities, and in turn, our customers. By aligning policies there is reduced duplication enabling greater movement of people across organisations in Essex.

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